Contact Us

Central Office
1 School Street
Wilmington, VT 05363-0490
Phone: 802-464-1300
Fax: 802-464-1303
Superintendent of Schools: Barbara Ann Komons-Montroll                   
Business Manager:  Karen Atwood                                              Ext 114
Director of Special Ed : Tate Erickson                                        Ext 113
Director of Curriculum &
   Technology Integration: Michael RobbGrieco                    Ext 124

Adminstration Support Staff
Admin. Asst to Superintendent        Susan Courchesne                     Ext 110                               
Business Admin. Assistant:             Brande Pike Veraguth                           Ext 115
Payroll                                              Holly Wheeler                                 Ext 112
Assistant Clerk-AP:                         Betsy Moseley                                 Ext 118  
Medicaid Clerk & 
Special Ed Admin Assist                Jennifer Jordan                                      Ext 116
School Psychologist :                       Dina Casey                                          Ext 111
EEE Coordinator:                             Kathy Rapp                                         Ext 122  
EEE  Teacher:                                   Melanie Boyd                                      Ext 123