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Super Board Meeting 6-21-12

posted Jul 6, 2012, 7:30 AM by Susan Courchesne

Super Board Meeting

June 21, 2012

Attendees: Aimee Reed, Seth Boyd, John Doty, Larry Hopkins, Nancy Talbot, Cindy Lamore, Shelby Brimmer, Chum Sumner, Dennis Richter, Duncan Honig, Ronda Lackey, Sandy Pentak, Karen Atwood, Joanne Scott, Phil Taylor

Visitors: Robert Marechal – Readsboro


Seth called meeting to order at 7:06pm


Chum made motion to accept minutes. Cindy seconded. All in favor.


Technology Plan – Nancy Talbot gave a brief presentation. Current plan expires in 2012. We need to revise and adopt at a later meeting. Seth asked if policy will address technology education. Chum asked about deadline for policy. July 1, policy needs to be submitted to state for approval. Board can approve at a later date.


Resignation of Superintendent – Dennis made a motion to accept the resignation of Dr. Rizzo as superintendent. Duncan seconded. All approved.


Discussion of Interim Superintendent – need to have discussion within each board individually to appoint an interim to find out consensus. 

E-board discussed studying the process of joining another SU since there are state funds available.

Seth wanted feedback from the full Super board

Larry spoke of Steven Dale’s recommendation

The study will fall within the timetable of looking for a full time superintendent

Chum showed support of the study. Larry pointed out the possible SU would need to have an interest in us joining.

Seth pointed out we need to give guidance to the analyst as to what we want to do.

Chum made a motion to have the E-board contact the State to start the study and meet with a consultant to discuss options in regards to joining other SU’s. Larry seconded. (7) approved, (1) against.


Dennis wanted to have the E-board interview and recommend a candidate for Interim. Chum felt the E-board should be able to appoint as well.


Joanne made a motion to appoint E-board w/interview and appointment for interim super. Chum seconded. (7) Approved, (1) against.

Phil made a recommendation the SU staff be involved with the interview process


Chum made a motion to enter executive session at 7:45pm for personnel/contractual matters and legal matters. Cindy seconded.


Returned to public session at 8:42pm.


Dennis made a motion to accept the settlement of Civil Action Docket No. 508-11-11 for $38,000.00.

Larry seconded. All in favor.

Duncan made a motion to restore Assistant Superintendent to full time position. Joanne seconded. All in favor


Chum made motion to authorize Nancy Talbot to fulfill Superintendent duties until an Interim is appointed. Shelby seconded. All in favor.


Chum made a motion to adjourn at 8:45pm. Cindy seconded. All in favor.