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OCTOBER 26, 2011

posted Dec 15, 2011, 5:47 AM by Tricia ManzkeDves




OCTOBER 26, 2011

7:00 PM




Chairman Richter opened the meeting at 7:05 PM.


Present:  Dennis Richter, Aimee Reed, Gary Sage, Larry Hopkins, Chum Sumner, Ronda Lackey, Jack Rizzo


Gary Sage  moved to accept minutes, seconded by Chum Sumner.  All approved


Discussions regarding budget meeting for E-Board.


Budget meeting scheduled for November 28th at 7:00 PM


Superboard meeting scheduled for November 30th at  7:00 PM


Superintendents report:  Feels new supervision policy is showing a big difference.


Update on pending lawsuit that WSSU was named in.


Discussions regarding to making up days and what would be appropriate.  Possibly be making up days at end of year.  Jack Rizzo will get a message out to parents regarding plan.


Chum Sumner wants to know who is paying for the lawyer who gave the opinion on the vote allocation.  He disagrees with lawyer’s findings.  Gary Sage thinks the only way to fix this policy is to elect E-Board from Super-board, not appoint one member from each district that sits on the Super-board.  Ronda Lackey pointed out that the attorney states the section regarding Super-board make-up is used as a guide for the E-Board voting system.  Larry Hopkins pointed out discrepencies on policy from 1983.


Chum Sumner made a motion to leave representation on the E-Board the same and revise the policy regarding the make-up of the E-Board.  Gary Sage seconded.  Three approved and 2 abstained.


Budget Discussions:  Gary Sage wanted to know if all revenue and expenditures will be listed on the WSSU budget.  Ronda Lackey said it would be impossible to list all revenue due to grants and the amounts of them.


Ronda Lackey will include the new items that will be covered under WSSU this next year.


Ronda Lackey wants direction on Special Education allocation – needs either assessment or cost by student for SPED costs.


Jack Rizzo gave the board his recommendations for adminsitative salary increases.


Larry Hopkins brought up para-negotiations – wants an update.


Chum Sumner made a motion to adjourn at 9:11 PM, seconded by Gary Sage.


Respectfully submitted,

Aimee Reed