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NOVEMBER 30, 2011

posted Dec 15, 2011, 5:47 AM by Tricia ManzkeDves





NOVEMBER 30, 2011


7:00 P.M.




Present: Aimee Reed, John Doty, Jim Sarkis, Cindy Lamore, Beverly Aase, Sandy Pentak, Butch Cory, Chum Sumner, Paul Wheeler, Adam Grinold, Dennis Richter, Jack Rizzo, Ronda Lackey, Tracey Cole, Larry Hopkins, Gary Sage, Seth Boyd, Nancy Talbott, Jan Farinon


CALL TO ORDER: Dennis Richter called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM


Stephen Dale from VSBA had presentation on governance.

Ø  Larry Hopkins asked when the school year or school day will be extended so students can        learn more of the core classes vs. what is mandated.


Larry Hopkins questioned Sped. Ed. Billings and information included on bills.


Seth Boyd made a motion to accept minutes, seconded by Cindy Lamore.  All in favor.


SPED Billback Discussion:  need direction for assessment vs. student count

Seth Boyd made a motion to bill as assessment, seconded by Larry Hopkins.  All in favor.


Discussion on review of WSSU policy for E-Board and legal opinion:

Ø  Legal opinion from lawyer was voting on E-Board be weighted

Ø  Seth Boyd questioned “If it’s Statute, why are we voting.”

Ø  Beverly Aase wanted to know if we needed to re-affirm policy

Ø  Chum Sumner questioned the lawyers findings

Ø  Jim Sarkis wanted to know if it’s in Statute why are we not following it?

Ø  Larry Hopkins asked Stephen Dale his interpretation – Stephen pointed to our policy and said it was to be determined by whatever means our Supervisory Union has decided.  Policy states “E-Board is composed of one member from each Local School Board – votes allocated in same manner as Supervisory Union Board”.

Adam Grinold made a motion to follow current policy, seconded by Beverly.  Six in favor, six against and Chairman votes to break tie in favor of motion.


Next meeting will be on January 11, 2012 at Whitingham


Chum Sumner made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Paul Wheeler. All in favor.


Respectfully submitted,


Aimee Reed