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January 24, 2012

posted Jan 26, 2012, 12:55 PM by Tricia Manzke

WSSU Super Board Minutes                                                                        January 24, 2012           


Attendees: Aimee Reed, Seth Boyd, John Doty, Dwight Williams, Dennis Richter, Paul Wheeler, Phil Taylor, Chum Sumner, Paul Blais, Butch Corey, Gary Sage, Larry Hopkins, Tracey Cole, Beverly Aase, Dr. Rizzo, Sandy Pentak, Nancy Talbot, Ronda Lackey, Jim Sarkis, Lisa Munsill

Visitors: Karen Atwood, Mike Eldrid

Meeting called to order by Dennis @ 7:05 pm.

Hearing of Visitors: Karen Atwood introduced herself to the board, she works at the Supervisory Union as Ronda’s assistant.

Adam Grinold resigned his position on the Super board for Wilmington. John Doty nominated Dwight Williams as Vice Chair of the Super board. Larry seconded. All in favor.

Larry wanted to know if minutes were available to show Phil being appointed as Wilmington’s representative to the Super board. Dennis stated he was appointed @ their meeting just prior to this meeting so the minute were not submitted to the central office yet. No one objected to his appointment so Larry took back his request for the minutes.

Legal invoices need to be reviewed for payment to be made.

Gary made a motion to enter executive session @ 7:11 pm for legal, contractual, and personnel matters. Phil seconded. All in favor.

Gary moved to leave executive session @ 7:58 pm.

Review of WSSU budget for Y ’13. –

            Paul Blais made a motion to approve the WSSU Budget for $1,354,201.00. Phil seconded. All in favor.

Gary made a motion to adjourn @ 8:33 pm. Phil seconded. All in favor.