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Executive Board Minutes 2/29/12

posted Apr 2, 2012, 10:35 AM by Susan Courchesne

Executive Board Minutes 2/29/12

 Present: Homer Sumner, Dennis Richter, Lisa Munsill, Dwight Williams, Ronda Lackey

Called to order 7:10pm

Warrants signed

Motion to approve minutes of 10/26/12 made by Homer, seconded by Dennis. All in favor.

Staff negotiations: Ronda advised Act 153 deadline postponed 2 years, therefore negotiation need not begin until at least 2013.

Review of Superintendant: Discussion regarding Superintendant's performance and related feedback summary. Eboard will recommend contract renewal to Super Board, and meet with Dr. Rizzo 3/28/12 to share review.

Motion made by Dwight to appoint Seth Boyd to represent WSSU in 3/7/12 Mediation proceedings, and issued related to that case. Seconded by Homer. All in favor.

Next meeting 3/28/12 7pm at WSSU offices.

Next meeting agenda items:

  • Executive session to discuss performance evaluation with Dr. Rizzo

Meeting adjourned 8:00pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Dwight E. Williams