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Public Hearing Notice





Notice of Public Hearing


The Wilmington School Board and Select Boards are considering making application to the State of Vermont for a Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery Planning Grant under the Vermont Community Development Program.  A public hearing will be held at the Twin Valley High School Library, Wilmington, on Thursday, December 13th, 2012 7PM  to obtain the views of citizens on community development, to furnish information concerning the amount of funds available and the range of community development activities that may be undertaken under this program, the impact to any historic and archaeological resources that may be affected by the proposed project, and to give affected citizens the opportunity to examine the proposed statement of projected use of these funds.  The proposal is to apply up to $70,000 in CDBG-DR Funds which will be used to accomplish the following activities:




The Wilmington School Board and Wilmington Select Board is requesting a grant funding to assist in the development of a feasibility study for the creation of a multipurpose community center and economic development space for the existing high school facility after it is vacated by the school system in Fall of 2014.    The project will be designed with the intention of being a financially self-sustaining operation that generates operational income and construction funding from a combination of long term tenants and multi-organizational uses.   


This project will become a part of the Town of Wilmington and the Deerfield Valley Community’s long-term strategy for economic development, flood recovery and increased opportunities for community services for all valley residents.


Included in this feasibility study: 


The viability to relocate the Deerfield Valley Health Center in the facility with the potential to expand offerings of health and wellness services.


The possibility of cost efficient relocation of some Wilmington Municipal Services, excluding fire and police.


The re-establishment of the community center initiative.


The expanded use and maintenance of the existing gym and playing fields to host tourist oriented activities and programs.


The possibility of low-cost business development space.


A model of shared use areas to provide low-cost spaces for community organizations and commercial activities.











Copies of the proposed application are available at Wilmington Town Hall and may be viewed during the hours of 8-5. Should you require any special accommodations, please contact Philip Taylor at 802 464 6298 to ensure appropriate accommodations are made. For the hearing impaired please call (TTY) # 1-800-253-0191.



Legislative Body for the  Wilmington School District



Copy submitted by:  Philip Taylor Phone: 802 464-6298


Send Tear Sheet to: 211 Route 9 West, Wilmington, VT 05363