Minutes 3-7-13

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                                                                                                        WINDHAM SOUTHWEST SUPERVISORY UNION





March 7, 2013


5:00 PM


Whitingham Elementary/Twin Valley Middle School





CALL TO ORDER: John Doty called the meeting to order at 5:03PM.


Present: Bob Stevens, Facilitator, John Doty, Sandy Crowningshield, Stephanie Aldrich, Sandy Pentak-Cohen, Mike Heller, Peter Chesbro, Rebecca Fillion, Kathy Larsen, Karen Atwood, Greg Betti


Bob gave overview of work for the evening, specifically to review and choose questions for interviewing of canditdte(s).


John called for a motion to approve minutes of Feb 25, 2013.

Motion made by Kathy Larsen, Seconded by Sandy Pentak-Cohen

Sandy Crowningshield noted that time of meeting of February 25th was incorrect.  It should have been 5:03.

Minutes were approved as amended.


Next steps for the committee in the Superintendent search process were discussed including the procedure for the use of the interview questions and the process of interviewing.


March 19th to be the screening day for the committee to meet applicants and interview them.  The committee would then make recommendations to the board for candidates to visit the district, meet the public and be formally interviewed by the Board.


Kathy Larsen volunteered to coordinate visitation day scheduling.


The group discussed reference checks and how they would be done and finalized discussion on interview questions.


All reviews of applicants need to be completed and rated so that results will be available for next meeting Monday March 11, 2013.


Greg Betti moved to adjourn at 7:07 p.m.

Sandy Crowningshield seconded

All in favor




Respectfully Submitted,


Karen Atwood