June 20 Minutes

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                                                                                                WINDHAM SOUTHWEST SUPERVISORY UNION





June 20, 2013


10:00 AM


Twin Valley High School





CALL TO ORDER: John Doty called the meeting to order at 10:07 AM


Present: Bob Stevens, Facilitator, John Doty, Sandy Pentak-Cohen, Mike Heller, Rebecca Fillion, Kathy Larsen, Karen Atwood, Greg Betti, Peter Chesbro, Stephanie Aldrich


John called for a motion to go into executive session @ 10:15 A.M to conduct Superintendent candidate interviews


Motion made by Kathy Larsen, Seconded by Sandy Pentak-Cohen

All in favor


Greg Betti  made a motion to come out of executive session @ 4:05 PM

Sandy Pentak-Cohen seconded

All in favor


Karen Atwood made a motion to bring (2) candidates forward for interviews with the Super Board on June 26, 2013, Sandra Stanley and Richard McClement.

Greg Betti seconded

All in favor


Bob Stevens will contact candidates and give them the schedule for Wednesday June 26, 2013.  They will each get the opportunity to take a tour of the district with Rebecca Fillion, Kathy Larsen and Stephanie Aldrich, beginning at Central Office.  They will then each have an interview time at the Super Board Meeting at Twin Valley High School starting at 7:00 PM


John asked that Kathy Larsen assume responsibilities as the in charge person on June 26, 2013 after 12:00 PM to any questions that arise regarding the day/evening schedule as he will be unavailable.


Karen Atwood moved to adjourn at 4:30 p.m.

Sandy Pentak-Cohen seconded

All in favor




Respectfully Submitted,


Karen Atwood