Agenda 8-13-13

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Regular Director’s Meeting

TV High School

August 13, 2013

Wilmington, VT 05363

6 P.M.



1.    Call of Meeting to Order

2.    Roll Call

3.    Approval of the Agenda

4.    Hearing of Visitors

5.    Reading and Approval of Records

a.    Minutes of the July 23, 2013 Meeting (Encl #1)

6.    Fiscal Matters

a.    Signing of Warrants

7.    Informational/Communications

a.    AYP Report – TV Elementary

b.    AYP Report – TV Middle School

c.    AYP Report – TV High School

d.    TV Committee Facility Updates

e.    TV Academic Committee Updates – Mission/Values

f.     TV Website Update

g.    TV Middle School Security Walkthrough Update

h.    TV Policy Committee Update

i.      TV Board Consultant Work Session 8/27 at 4pm

j.      Student Recruitment

k.    Graduation Committee

l.      Update on  WSSU Special Education Director

8.    Reports from Administration

a.    Elementary Principal

b.    Middle School Principal

c.    High School Principal

d.    Interim Superintendent

9.    Personnel

a.     Deliberation on Personnel Report for Certified Staff (Encl #2)

b.     Deliberation on Personnel Report for Classified Staff (Encl #3)

10.   Action Items

a.    Deliberation on Request by Parent for Daughter to Attend the Stratton Mountain School (Encl#4)

b.    Deliberation on Request by Parent for Son to Attend Burr and Burton Academy (Encl #5)

c.    Deliberation on Acceptance of Foreign Exchange Student from Norway (Encl #6)

d.    Bus Purchase Bid (to be distributed)

11.  Board Comments and Concerns

a.    Board Discussion on Possible Goals for the Interim Superintendent to Accomplish During 2013-2014

12.  Move to Executive Session to Discuss Personnel Matters

13.  Return to Open Session

14.  Adjournment