Agenda 11-26-13

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Director’s Meeting – Regular Meeting


Wilmington, VT

November 26, 2013

6 P.M.



1.    Call of Meeting to Order

2.    Roll Call

3.    Approval of the Agenda

4.    Hearing of Visitors

5.    Reading and Approval of Records


      a. Review and Approval of the Minutes of the November 12, 2013 (Encl #1)

6.    Fiscal Matters

a.    Signing of Warrants

b.    Budget Review Update

7.    Informational/Communications

      a. VSBA Education Consultant-Boundary Study Wayne Gerson            (Attachment#1)

      b.   Academic Committee Update

      c Building Committee Update

      d. Graduation Committee

      e. Student Recruitment Committee

8.    Reports from Administration

a.    Elementary Principal

b.    Middle School Principal

c.    High School Principal

d.    Superintendent’s Report- Equity Analysis

9.    Personnel

       a. Personnel Report for Classified Staff-TVES Para (Encl #2)

       b. Personnel Report for Classified Staff-TVMS Coach (Encl #3)         

       c. Request for Extension for Maternity Leave(Encl #4)

       d. Appointment of Long Term Sub-TVES Librarian (to be distributed)

10.  Action Items

      a. Deliberation on Determination of Legal Counsel (Encl #5)

      b. Deliberation on Goal Addendum and Salary Increase for TVMS Principal     (Encl# 6)

       c. Deliberation on Creation of Position and Stipend Amount for Technology     Support for Teachers in their Curriculum Work (Encl #7)

       d. Deliberation on Approval of School Bus Sale (Encl #8)

11.  Executive Session- Personnel Matters

12.  Board Comments and Concerns

13.  Adjournment