4-10-12 Minutes

posted Apr 17, 2012, 8:03 AM by Susan Courchesne   [ updated Apr 17, 2012, 8:03 AM by cpratt@wswsu49.org ]

Twin Valley Board Meeting                                                          4/10/12


Attendees: Aimee Reed, Seth Boyd, Phil Taylor, Doug Swanson, Dr. Rizzo, John Doty, Bob Morse, Nicki Crafts, Nancy Talbot, Ronda Lackey

Visitors: Lonny Paige, Mike Eldred


Seth called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.


Ronda would like board approval for a new driver education car. She would use money in the fund balance as down payment, trade current car in and finance the balance. Doug made a motion to do so and purchase a Toyota Corolla as spec’d out by Mr. Henckle. Phil seconded. All approved


Jack Rizzo gave his Superintendents report. Informed board about legislation in process


Bob Morse gave update on HS task force for athletic digest and to include all extra-curricular activities. Next meeting will be April 30th.


Seth wanted to encourage student participation in Memorial Day activities and pre-planning.


Consent Agenda –

                Doug made a motion to approve minutes of March 27th. Phil seconded. All approved.


Keith gave his principal’s report. He is trying to prevent parents from parking in travel lanes and passing buses with red lights on in the driveway.

Bob gave update on field repairs at the high school


Discussion of summer breakfast/lunch program-

                Lonny Paige gave an overview. Program offers free lunch to children under 18.

                Doug made a motion to approve the program. Phil seconded. All approved


Lonny gave a presentation on Jr Iron Chef Program. Looking to streamline the program and needs a bit of re-organization to support this successful program. Doug would like to see this on the agenda soon to be addressed.


First reading and approval of Volunteer Policy –

                Doug made a motion to approve first reading of volunteer/work study policy. Phil seconded. All approved.


Resignation of TVHS head cook –

                Doug made a motion to accept resignation of Joe Gerardi as head cook of TVHS w/regrets. Phil seconded. All approved.

Check signature change -            

                Phil made a motion to approve Susan Courchesne as approved signer for TV for checks and required documents. Doug seconded. All approved.


Phil gave update on Construction Management Services


Doug made a motion to approve letter of Interest for Construction Management Services to be sent out. Phil seconded. All approved.


Doug made motion to seek second proposal for clerk of the works. Phil seconded. All approved.


Doug made a motion to enter executive session for legal and personnel matters @ 8:00 pm.

Back to open session @ 8:51pm.


Doug made a motion to reinstate 80% teaching position to be defined by the Principal. Phil seconded. All approved.


Signed teacher contracts.


Next meeting is scheduled for May 8th

Work session scheduled for May 1st.


Doug made motion to adjourn at 9:05pm. Phil seconded. All approved.