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Minutes 5-7-12

posted May 14, 2012, 7:41 AM by Susan Courchesne   [ updated May 14, 2012, 7:41 AM by cpratt@wswsu49.org ]

Halifax School Board Regular Meeting

May 7, 2012

Attendees: Stephanie, Paul, Shelby, Homer

Guests: Maria Sumner, Ashley Brigham, Loren Clews, Casey Murrow, Nancy Talbot, Jeff Kelly

Meeting called to order at 19:45.

Warrants in the amount of $157,499.25 were signed.                     

Fran suggested removing two pine trees from edge of field to make room for a track of sorts to be utilized by physical education. He would remove them free of cost if we allowed.

Jeff on behalf of little league says for our field to be usable according to little league regulation we need a porter potty, fences in front of benches, top soil, a second base, etc. It would cost $737.00 to get the field up to regulation excepting a second base which would be a separate expense.

Homer moves to approve the $737.00 in expenses outlined for improving our baseball field plus the follow on expense of a set of bases at $35.99 + shipping.  Paul seconds the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Casey Murrow says Antioch would charge $350 per course and at 2 credits per course it would be $700 per teacher. He is reapplying for a 3 credit course.

Timeline for registration paperwork set by Casey is two weeks. (Week of May 21, 2012).

On site paperwork with the five teachers with Casey suggested by Nancy.

Signed contracts.

The Board heard the Principals Report.

Homer asks how the opportunity to field test works. Stephanie says that anyone that wanted to could. The amount we can take advantage of the opportunity will depend on our internet capabilities and computer access.

Loren asked about when they would know what technological skills the kids would need for the test. Nancy said the test/assessment has not even been completed.

Technology updates needed discussion. Follow up on prior discussion in executive session regarding work to be done on the wireless network. Paul Redman and Paul Blais would both be on the network so Stephanie needs to be able to communicate to Paul Redman what Paul Blais will be doing beyond the firewall.

Homer asked what the firewall does following Stephanie asking if being beyond the firewall gives access to all the school files. Paul explains that being beyond the firewall does not give access to school files. That access is based on networks.

Door lock maintenance and repair will cost $500.00 (low estimate; $700.00 a door) a door. Two locksmiths have said that all of our locks are on the way out and will need to be replaced in the next couple of years. Rice and Dicks were the two locksmiths we got referrals from. Also door guidelines may require new locks that lock independently from the inside and/or doors without windows.

Stephanie will talk to the high school to let us know who they talk to regarding industrial doors also contact Rhonda to see if it had ever been an issue and if she has any door or lock contact information.

Homer asks if Repairs and Maintenance in the budget still has the funds to cover the lock repair. We still have adequate funds to replace them.

Tuition agreement from Twin Valley is reviewed. 

Shelby moves to sign the TWHS tuition agreement. Paul seconds the motion. Motion passes unanimously.

Homer moves we accept the resignation of the school librarian. Paul seconds the motion. Motion passes unanimously.

Stephanie says it is possible with Jack and Nancy’s approval to hire just a librarian. Not a library science teacher. The librarian would only be employed for maintenance of the library etc.

We will advertise for the library position.

The school cook did not sign his contract so we need to advertise for that position as well.

Homer moves to table the Work Study Volunteer Policy and Procedures until next month. Paul seconds the motion. Motion passes unanimously.

Homer moves to enter Executive Session for student matters and personnel. Paul seconds. Enter executive session at 21:30.

Executive session ends at 22:10.

Discussed janitorial staff position contracts and how we need to go about handling their pay.

Homer moves to approve minutes as amended for September 8, 2011. Paul seconds the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Homer moves to approve April 2 and April 18, 2012. Paul seconds the motion. Motion passes unanimously.

Homer moves we enter executive session to discuss personnel evaluation. Shelby seconds the motion. Enter executive session at 22:45.

Exits executive session at 23:00.

Homer moves to adjourn at 23:00. Shelby seconds the motion. Motion passes unanimously.