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Minutes 4-2-12

posted Apr 18, 2012, 5:41 AM by Susan Courchesne   [ updated Apr 18, 2012, 5:41 AM by cpratt@wswsu49.org ]

Halifax School Board Regular Meeting

April 2, 2012

Attendees: Stephanie, Paul, Homer, Jack, Shelby

Guests: Judy Anyan, Maria Sumner, Joel Howes, Dale Sherman, Nekki Saladino, Andy Hauty

Meeting called to order at 19:35.

Warrants in the amount of $125,781.19 were signed.

Joel submitted 8th grade trip plan to the school board.

The school board was presented with invitations to the “Wild About Math” event scheduled for April 17, 2012.

Judy asked about contract signing not being on the agenda.

Homer moved to approve records for March 5, 2012 and March 12, 2012. Shelby seconded the motion. Passed unanimously. 

Received Principal’s Report.

Homer asked for clarification on what struggling students entail as far as the discussion at the LLI was concerned.

Stephanie replied that as a supervisory union it addressed students up to not including special education.

Maria said at a school level they discussed all students through special education.

Received Special Attendant’s Report.

Jack states there is a large amount of legislation pending regarding education and he will provide an update at the next meeting regarding any legislation passed in that time.

Homer asks about differences between 153 and 753 in regards to hiring special education staff.

Jack says school board still has final say on hiring and termination except for non-licensed staff. Superintendent has say for non-licensed staff.  

Discussion ensued about changes in standardized testing and how it will affect the school.

WINGS Presentation on Weaponry Programs.

Andy states there are weaponry programs available through WINGS for middle school and high school students. The program being target practice for air rifles. WSSU is not being encouraged/advised by their insurance to participate in this program. Andy has visited all programs elementary, middle, and high school events and the kids enjoy it.

Jack states it was passed last year because it was in a controlled and safe environment but that it is being cut for the next year because it is not being advised by our insurance making us liable for any claims.

Nekki asks about the liability waiver forms. Are they not enough? Asks about archery being a liability as well or if it could be offered.

Stephanie states that the Sportsman Clubs can still offer programs for the students it just cannot be a school event because of the liability.

Andy says that archery has not been addressed. High schools and school boards responded well to the air rifle programs as an alternative to actual weapons.

Shelby asked what schools it was offered at.

Twin Valley High School offered a session. Deerfield Valley and TWMS have offered several sessions.

Andy states it does not take place on school grounds upon Paul’s inquiry.

Jack states that this does not stop the towns from running programs just the schools.

Homer asks if students are interested if we can set up something through the Sportsman Club.

Nekki is on the Sportsman Club and will ask about the possibility of developing youth programs.

Paul suggests contacting Vermont Fish and Wildlife regarding education opportunities.

Request to release frozen funds.

Stephanie addresses the school board in regards to previously frozen funds that were frozen in   anticipation for future expenses. The expenses were covered by grants. The total being $2500.00. Stephanie states Rhonda says we are in the clear to release funds to the line items they came out off. They came out of line items for supplies, classroom books, technology, and library books.

Homer moves to release the funds of the amount $2500.00 back to the line items they were taken from. Shelby seconds the motion. The motion passes unanimously.

Stephanie would like to start the discussion on winter sports transportation. There is a struggle each year to find enough drivers to provide consistent transportation. There is a volunteer transportation policy that may provide additional obstacles to the transportation issue and parent eligibility. This policy is being addressed at the Super Board meeting this month. This may affect how our program is run. Many different approaches to Winter Sports.

Stephanie would recommend we drop skating from the Winter Sports Program for next year.

Paul suggests communication with the parents on the urgency of the situation.

Stephanie says that there has been communication.

Jack asks if we have a price for bus transportation to the Greenfield Ice Skating Rink. Asks if the school subsidizes the transportation for Mount Snow.

Stephanie says it is about $1,200.00 for a bus.

Jack suggests communicating with the parents again and to consider providing transportation. Asks what kids pay for skiing now.

Stephanie says it’s about $100 with transportation and all costs (passes, rentals, lessons, ect.) for skiing.

Nekki suggests cross country skiing as an alternative.

Homer suggests putting out the idea of dropping skating as a program unless we can secure reliable drivers to parents.

Judy asks what we would do with the kids if the program was eliminated. It covers our P.E. weekly.

Stephanie says we could do an alternative P.E. of Fridays.

Homer says that could be as costly as transportation costs.

Stephanie says she will seek feedback from parents.

Discussion and approval of 2012-2013 Halifax School Action Plan.

Stephanie asks to consider an edit to Action #2 under all goals to read what is written with the addition of “This will include preparation for SMARTer Balanced Assessments.”

Homer moves to approve the action plan as written and not including the proposed addition. Unanimously passed.

Homer states there is Super Board Meeting on Wednesday April 4, 2012.

Stephanie presents a petition from the Friends of Halifax and Good Point Recycling to hold a “Collection Event” on Saturday May 26, 2012 that would require the use of the school parking facilities.

Homer moves we sign the petition presented the Friends of Halifax. Seconded by Paul. Passed unanimously.

Stephanie says we would need records/documents of usage and maintenance costs in order to receive compensation for damages from FEMA.

Stephanie states the learning collaborative said credits would be received by the end of April.

Jack says they are working on resolving it. It was brought up at the Board meeting again. 

Stephanie provides a reminder that Teacher Appreciation Day is in May 2012.

Stephanie presents the idea of a salad bar. She states we struggle to compete for grants to receive local produce for our hot lunch program.

Jack brings up the idea of breakfast being provided for the students.

Homer moves not to approve a salad bar. Shelby seconded. Passes unanimously.

Stephanie spoke with Fran Alfieri about painting the gym and filling in the dings. He would like to use the school colors. He is willing to donate time and materials.

Homer moves to allow Fran to repaint the gym in the colors presented by Stephanie in a flat or satin paint.

Paul would like the board to have final say on the colors.

Stephanie presents Polaris Blue for the lower was and Summer Nights for the dividing stripe.

Homer requests use of flat or satin paint not high gloss.

Passes unanimously.

Paul moves we enter executive session.

Homer moves we exit executive session.

Homer moves that Paul acts the technical contact for the T1 installation and configuration. Shelby seconds the motion. Unanimously passed.

Homer moves for initial approval of the 8th Grade Class Trip Proposal. Paul seconds the motion. Unanimously passed.

Meeting adjourned at 22:00.