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Publicly Funded Preschool Program

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What is publicly funded preschool?

       Publicly funded preschool is defined as ten hours per week (35 weeks per school year September-June) of developmentally appropriate early learning experiences based on Vermont's Early Learning Standards.

     The cost of ten hours per week of preschool is covered by the school district the child resides.


Who is eligible for publicly funded preschool?

·        Children who are 3, 4, and 5 years old and not yet in Kindergarten, and turn three by the cut off date for Kindergarten in their town are eligible to attend any pre-qualified preschool program in the State of Vermont. Town districts in the Windham Southwest Supervisory Union include: Wilmington, Whitingham, Stamford, Readsboro, Halifax, and Searsburg.


What programs are prequalified in my region?

1.                  Readsboro Preschool Incorporated, open to the public

2.                  Readsboro Central School Preschool-Readsboro Residents only

3.                  Meeting House Preschool, Marlboro open to the public

4.                  Kids in the Country Preschool open to the public

5.         Dover Elementary School open to the public

6.                  Twin Valley Elementary School 4 year old Preschool –Whitingham and Wilmington residents only

7.         Registered Home, Lisa Wheeler-Wilmington

                        Any other prequalified program listed here in Vermont see:


What is responsibility of parents?

     Parents are responsible to enroll their child in one of the prequalified programs in the State of Vermont.

     Parents are responsible for child care above the 10 hours per week (35 weeks per school year September-June) if preschool program offers such options and parents use that option. (Subsidy or Child Care and Development Block Grant- does not cover the 10 hours paid for by the Windham Southwest Supervisory Union. Subsidy may cover the child care portion above 10 hours a week. For more information contact VERMONT’S CHILD CARE FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM at Winston Prouty in Brattleboro. See website:

     Parents are responsible for returning registration paperwork to the public school secretary in the town they live. In the case of Searsburg, return to the Central Office.

     Parents are responsible for filling out required forms for the Windham Southwest Supervisory Union  and return registration paperwork to their public school including:



1)     Complete Parent Registration Application form

2)     Copy of birth certificate

3)     Copy of immunization record

4)     Proof of residency form

5)     Copy of Custody Agreement (Only required for parents who are separated or divorced.)

6)     Parent Consent release information between preschool program partner and Windham Southwest Supervisory Union form


What is responsibility of preschool partners programs?                      

      Qualifying preschool partners will provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum aligned with the Vermont Early Learning Standards (VELS), for 10 hours a week for 35 weeks.

     They must complete developmental assessments twice a year. The state of Vermont has adopted Teaching Strategies GOLD checkpoints.

     Qualifying preschool partners are also responsible for communicating child's attendance and attending required teacher training meetings at Windham Southwest Supervisory Union.

     Qualifying preschool partners are responsible for

     Notifying the WSWSU when a child moves out of the district or changes providers.



What is responsibility of School District?

     The Windham Southwest Supervisory Union will inform parents residing in eligible towns of the availability of preschool program partners.

     Windham Southwest Supervisory Union will provide consultation, training to preschool program partners and pay the $3178 per child 10 hours per week for 35 weeks per school year September-June 2017-2018 school year. All monies will go directly to the preschool.


How do families apply?

Families must enroll their child with a qualifying Preschool Program Partner and complete all WSWSU Registration information. Return registration paperwork to the public school.

Registration for Publicly Funded Preschool Program will be available at:


     Each Public School

     Partner Program Providers

     Windham Southwest Supervisory Union Central Office

1 School Street, Wilmington, VT 05363



Please feel free to call the Kathy Rapp 464-1300 x 122 or Melanie Boyd 464-1300 x 123 at central office for questions.

Please see attached forms 

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